Training, Instruction and Passenger Flights

Training Instruction and Passenger Flights – “Joy Flights”
We welcome people to enjoy the fun and sport of gliding. The gift of a flight is a great way to be introduced to the sport. Even better is to become a student and we will teach you through all the steps to your solo flights and beyond.
Our qualified instructors provide their time and free tuition, your costs are for the launching fee (winch or aero-tow) and the glider hire. Typically, gliding instruction to first solo is easily one third cheaper than powered flying in (say) a Cessna 172. It is a great way to get started if you are thinking of a career in the military or civil aviation.
Unlike a motor car licence, you only have to be 15 years old to go solo in a glider! Come and discuss gliding flying with us, have a flight and see what you think.
Although we will always do everything we can to make gliding accessible to as many people as possible, there are some limitations. This limitation is aircraft dependant: we cannot take people over 105kg due to the balance of the aircraft. Very tall people (over about 6’6” – 198cm) might not fit either.
Youngsters (as passengers or students) are again limited by weight – minimum weight this time. They can be seated in the back to overcome the weight balance problem but because visibility is restricted in the back it is probably best to wait a few years and get the best from a front seat view. Tuition is always done with the student in the front seat. As a guide, children above 8 years may be able to be passengers, but please check with us first.
Older people always seem to emerge from a gliding flight 30 years younger. Of course, you need to be able to get into and out of the glider, but we can go over this with you before the flight. Disabled people can be flown depending on the disability but they must be able to obey instructions however. Pregnant women may be more susceptible to motion sickness and it is advisable they wait until after the birth before flying.