Photos and Videos

Some shots from the 22/23 season

Great start to our 2021/22 season

GFA Video – Andrea’s Story

GFA Video – Matthew’s Story

Tony’s first winch launch of Twin Astir KYK

We have a fully rebuilt 351 engine and gearbox in the glider winch

SGGC member Phil using the now fully functioning simulator

First test of SGGC’s cockpit simulator

SGGC member Dave completing circuit solo in IKV


$16 per launch


Some good Autumn soaring still to be had at SGGC – 18 March 2020


Thank you to Jamie for letting us show some footage from her first gliding solo

GFA Video – Andrea’s Story


SGGC member Tony at Benalla in an ASK21

Using the club’s Twin Astir to test an Airvan for aerotowing